We started berta.berlin to give an authentic view on outstanding performances happening in Berlin.

No matter what genre or discipline we are looking for meaning, blood, sweat and tears.

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Alina Pash

Panda Woman Festival at Panda Theater

Performer: Alina Pash, Drums Daddy

Living In A Box at Club Gretchen

Performer: Waldi, Marian Tone, Jim Dunloop

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Donau 115

Performer: Mirna Bogdanovic, Povel Widestrand

Urban Spree

Performer: Lutz Streun, Oleg Hollmann, JĂĽrgen Meyer

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With high fidelity sound, high definition video quality and along with expertly curation and original content to show and support Berlin’s divers cultural landscape.

Berta.berlin offers a collection of authenticity, outstanding performances and exceptional artists. Enjoy this material of carefully selected projects and help spread these videos. If you like what you discover, please start to support and follow these artists’ work today. And don’t miss out on any chance to see and experience them perform live.

This is about music and music is about sound. We put quite some effort in capturing this during recording and production. Please try to use a decent audio system or good quality headphones and let’s get back to the true meaning of “high fidelity”. Enjoy!


Club Gretchen

Performer: Erik Heise, Tore Knipping, Tilman Kettner

Real Geizt


Performer: Real Geizt, Splidttercrist, Graf Angzt, Dirk Berger, Bobby Rausch,
Elias Asisi

Nakibembe Xylophone Troupe

CTM Festival at Festsaal Kreuzberg

Performer: Asan Amuli, Faizo Kapado, Kusaini Tenywa, Nassar Kinobe, Rashid Ngobi, Salifu

Aron Ottignon & Friends

Club Gretchen

Performer: Aron Ottignon, Eden Ottignon, Bakane ‘Jeri Jeri’ Seck, Ziggy Zeitgeist


Club Gretchen

Performer: Johannes Rosswog, Alexander Fedorov, Niels Hoffmann

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