A l'Arme! Festival 2020

Roll sound, camera on. Prelude, swivel, cue, zoom – everything is in motion. A L’ARME! Vol. VIII cannot be contained. The only constant of the 2020 edition of the international festival for avant garde jazz, experimental music and art is that there is no constant. Routines are being thrown overboard, conventions renegotiated. The guiding principle is metamorphosis. A L’ARME! reflects the themes that our entire society has grappled with over this past year. The pandemic has redefined the conditions for every social interaction and, in particular, for the arts and culture. What even is a “concert”? A “festival”? What will musical performances look like in the future? Alternative formats are being created; free spaces are being occupied. It is becoming clear that a festival programme is an experience of constant reinvention, always in limbo up to the very last moment.