As for most people working in the cultural sector our livelihoods have depended (directly or indirectly) on live concerts. It looks like that will change for perhaps a long time.

We’re also on the tail end of an analogue-only era and beginning of a great exploration of the digital cultural space and in such the live shows must go on. We stream with an authentic view on outstanding performances. With high fidelity sound, high definition video quality and along with expertly curation and original content to show and support Berlin’s divers cultural landscape.

We started this project a couple of months ago to sharpen the perception of newcomer artists and non-commercial projects in the digital space and open a new revenue channel for them. Now, more than ever it’s important to build sustainable structures and recognise new opportunities not only as a marketing tool.

We are live now, and we invite all of you to go deep down the rabbit hole with us.

We would be so grateful for your support, and we hope we can provide Berlin’s artists and music lovers with something special to help make these unique times more enjoyable and bearable.

What we do

  • offers a collection of authentic, outstanding performances and exceptional artists. We carefully select projects and spread these videos.

  • We record and produce live videos with high fidelity sound and high definition video quality.

  • By applying legal knowledge and exclusive content as copyright holder we help clearing rights and make video content available for media partners and institutions and at the same time ensure fair payment for the creators.

  • Based on quality curation all of our content and programming is available for television broadcast, on-demand OTT and radio. Providing our target audience of opinion-leaders and decision-makers with authentic unbiased live video content. #distribution

We are independent, non-profit and self-financed.

Our mission is to remove barriers that keep people from discovering art.

We’re Beat and Paul. Together, we’ve been working on what is now since October 2019. We both have a background in the music industry: Beat co-founded ASK HELMUT and is an active composer and bassist (Marteria/Marsimoto/Lychee Lassi) while Paul used to manage the XJAZZ Festival and works as a concert promoter and artist manager (Ă„TNA). Our work is dedicated to make the diverse and exciting Berlin art scene more accessible and findable. is a charitable nonprofit organization. This means we can only sustain ourselves through voluntary contributions from public and private funding. We’re grateful to all of you who help us to support our cause!

We’re doing our best, but surely we didn’t get everything right yet.

Through your feedback and your help we can improve Send us a message and we promise to reply quick!