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Acclaimed German electronic composer Alva Noto presents the world premiere of his new work HADRON PROTOTYPE. Electronic sound and radioactivity are stripped back to their most elemental in a new audio-visual performance. Alva Noto is a minimalist in the truest sense of the word, reducing electronic music to its mathematical fundamentals, delving into the bewildering cloud of information that makes up computerised sound. He leads us into this stormy digital landscape, where glitchy electronic rumblings and synth thunderclaps cut through a shower of white noise. This environment is echoed in his accompanying video work, which turns scientific phenomena – like sound and light frequencies – into a hallucinatory video experience.


Alva Noto


Date: 12.12.2020
Location: silent green
Promoter: A l’Arme! Festival
All Sound: Alva Noto
Art Direction: Carsten Nicolai Programming: Studio Carsten Nicolai, Nibo
Light design: Krsn Brasko
Video Conception & Direction:
Camera: Philip Zeller, Florian Fischer (Nous Film)
Visual Art: Ken Niibori (Alva Noto)
Audio Recording: Beat Halberschmidt
Mixing: Alva Noto
Mastering: Beat Halberschmidt

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