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Contagious are a whole organism. Their guts grow together, forming an entity, which is continuously developing. Their drive is improvisation. Their ideal state is the constant tension between action and reaction, between electronics, acoustics and experiment. They play together like a living creature, which overcomes binary opposites and is ambivalent in the best sense of the word: as enigmatic as it is alive.


Sabine Ercklentz – trumpet, processing
Andrea Neumann – keys, mixer
Mieko Suzuki – electronics, turntables


Date: 12.12.2020
Location: silent green
Promoter: A l’ARME! Festival
Video Conception & Direction:
Camera: Beat Halberschmidt
Light: Jonas Hinz
Mixing: Goh Nakada, Beat Halberschmidt
Mastering: Beat Halberschmidt
Audio Recording: Kay Bennet Kruthoff

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