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Berlin-based artists Dani Gal and Ghazi Barakat consider noise as “an ambiguous space between the disruptive and the creative, and between the oppressive and the subversive.” Radio jamming blocks unwanted transmissions from neighbouring countries or oppositional sources; during the Cold War, citizens behind the Iron Curtain tried to overcome jamming noise by listening through it, while the Soviet authorities further developed their jamming methods to create an iron curtain in the “Aether” space. Gal and Barakat transmit sound messages to each other. What unfolds is a liminal feedback space in which intentions are distorted.


Performer: Dani Gal & Ghazi Barakat

Date: 30.01.2020
Location: HAU2
Promoter: CTM Festival
Video: Julia Grüßing
Sound: Beat Halberschmidt