Women's empowerment

We take action to empower talented underrepresented women!

Make Jazz hip (hop) again

Bridging the gap between Art Blakey and Kendrick Lamar, with innovative sounds to liberate the genre.

From Krautrock to Krautpop

Tired of Brit indie groups? Sick of Americana alternative rock? Starting from nothing but their imagination, these German groups offer a third way: a long, straight road out of this cultural impasse.

The inspiration of improvisation

Exploration and invention, rather than boundary and accuracy. Let your creativity soar.

The world goes pop

Listen to the latest tunes from Ukraine, Uganda or Brazil. This could be what life sounds like in the future!


Drumming pioneers & technique virtuosos

Communication lies at the core of drumming, music and culture. We present drummers in the natural habitat of their bands.