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One could describe hÄK / Danzeisen as a men-machine-apparatus, processing chain reactions from impulses, not one by one, but in badges. But this doesn’t tell you anything about the raw, tangible energy of their performances. Bernd Norbert Würtz (a.k.a. hÄK) and Philipp Danzeisen have defined the technological dependencies in their relationship somewhat strictly, precisely in order to never stand in the way of possible creative outbreaks


Bernd Norbert Würtz – electronics
Philipp Danzeisen – drums


Date: 11.12.2020
Location: silent green
Promoter: A l’ARME! Festival
Video Conception & Direction:
Camera: Beat Halberschmidt
Light: Jonas Hinz
Mixing: Beat Halberschmidt
Mastering: Beat Halberschmidt
Audio Recording: Kay Bennet Kruthoff

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