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Researching the balance in the coexistence of composition and improvisation, precision and authentic personal expression, contemporary music, jazz and greek folk music, greek percussionist Evi Filippou formed the quintet in.Evi.table. Greek traditional rhythms, rembetiko melodies from the ’20s and reharmonisations of beloved folk songs flirt with the experimental sound of Berlin’s jazz scene. The listener enters a microcosmos which resembles at the same time a cabaret, a contemporary music concert, a greek feast and New York in the ’60s as Evi imagines it.


Evi Filippou – vibraphone
Viktor Wolf – tenor saxophone
Felix Henkelhausen – double bass
Arne Braun – guitar
Moritz Baumgärtner – drums


Date: 20.02.2021
Location: Zentrifuge
Video: Beat Halberschmidt
Mix: Charis Karantzas

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