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A suite composed by Grégoire Simon, “Interstellar Waggle Swarm” sees various melodies and polyrhythmic structures join for a dance – thus re-arranging and forming ever new swarm-like constellations and musical textures. The term “waggle dance” refers to the honey bee’s figure-eight dance that sees them shake and move in order to share information with the rest of the colony. Just like bees when a storm is about to erupt, the 17 ensemble members remain in tight-knit/constant vibration with each other, as they get carried away in trance-like states, fight the ensuing chaos and always find clever ways to converge wherever the tide is taking them…


Oliver Roth – fl, altfl
Helena Weinstock-Montag -fl
Viktor Wolf – ts, bcl, fl
Johannes Schleiermacher – fl, ts
Magnus Schriefl – tp
Johannes Böhmer – tp
Till Künkler – tb
Fabiana Striffler – v
Grégoire Simon – va, comp
Isabelle Klemt – vc
Jörg Hochapfel – key, comp
Maria Schneider vib, perc
Anna Viechtl – harp
Kalle Zeier – guit
Oliver Potratz – b
Andi Haberl – dr


Date: 18.04.2021
Location: Radialsystem
Promoter: Kosmostage IV
Graphics: Henning Wagenbreth
Kamera: Beat Halberschmidt
Light: Jörg Bittner
Recording: Antonio Pulli
Mixing: Antonio Pulli

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