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This piece by Max Andrzejewski was commissioned by Podium Festival Esslingen as a part of the hourlong composition „Zauberburg“ for 9 musicians, electronics and choir, premiered in October 2020. „Lisa“ is based on a medical questionnaire of the singer Lisa Ströckens. The text copes with the material value of the chemical elements in the human body.


Lisa Ströckens – soprano
Ragnar Jónsson – cello
Maria Schneider – percussion
Moritz Ter Nedden – violin, crotales 
Florian Willeitner – violin, crotales 
Nina Kazourian – viola, crotales
Max Andrzejewski – composition
Jeffrey Döring – text


Date: 08.09.2020
Location: Control Room
Video: Beat Halberschmidt
Mix & Mastering: Martin Ruch

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