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„Mythos II – aüe“ was commissioned by Berliner Ensemble and Ersan Mondtag as one of four ouvertures for “Wagner – Der Ring Der Nibelungen (a piece like fresh chopped eschenwood)” recomposed by Thomas Köck. The piece premiered on June 3rd 2021 at Berliner Ensemble. Andrzejewski’s music has nothing to do with Wagner‘s originals in the outcome, it‘s rather a counter-draft. However, small material from Wagner‘s overtures were chopped up and decontextualised and then used as composition material, or for the electronic elements in the pieces. The music is played by a bunch of great musicians from the classical and improvising field.


Moritz Ter-Nedden – violin
Grégoire Simon – violin
Friedemann Slenczka – viola
Ragnar Jonsson – violoncello
James Banner – double bass
Laure Mourot – flute Miguel
Perez Inesta – clarinet
Isaac Shaw – french horn
Maria Schneider – vibraphone
Arne Braun – guitar
Jörg Hochapfel – keyboard, piano
Max Andrzejewski – composition, drumset, electronics


Date: 2021
Location: Bonello Studio
Video: Beat Halberschmidt
Recording: Martin Ruch
Mix & Mastering: Martin Ruch

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