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Olicía combines influences from Jono McCleery, Nancy King and Juana Molina in lyrics, music and the approach to music in general. Their “handmade loopjazz” is for those who also like Little Dragon, Laura Perrudin and This is the Kit.
Looping creates a transcendental mood in which the audience can’t help but move and dig into the world of smooth basslines that team up with wild percussions and the voices in all kinds of colours. It’s what they call electronic handmade loopjazz since all the sounds are live and created in the moment, no cheating, no backing tracks.


Anna-Lucia Rupp – voice, loops, effects, keys, percussion
Fama M’Boup – voice, loops, effects, keys, percussion


Date: 19.05.2021
Location: Club Gretchen
Recording: Goh Nakada
Lights: Aljoscha Kiss
Camera: Beat Halberschmidt
Mix: Beat Halberschmidt
Mastering: Beat Halberschmidt

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Honesty Box

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