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Even electromagnetic fields have secrets. Marta Zapparoli and Liz Allbee don’t want to snatch away these secrets, but rather to uncover them for wonderful, fleeting moments. Their project Pareidolia is focussed around that which we do not hear.


Marta Zapparoli – antennas, radio receivers, detectors, electronics
Liz Allbee – quadrophonic trumpet, tine-wave spatialization, vocals


Date: 10.12.2020
Location: silent green
Promoter: A l’ARME! Festival
Video Conception & Direction:
Camera: Beat Halberschmidt, Bruno Jubin
Light: Jonas Hinz
Mixing: Beat Halberschmidt
Mastering: Beat Halberschmidt
Audio Recording: Kay Bennet Kruthoff

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