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“Cassiopeia Cloud” first takes shape in a microtonal mist of drone sounds: it rises, enshrouds a Berlin sweetheart with the scent of flowers, rises further and further, attaches itself to a shooting star that’s en route to France, yet while floating over the Alpine region it sinks again into a valley of brass, only to dissolve into its sonic genome material as the day comes to an end.


Magnus Schriefl – tp, comp
Johannes Böhmer – tp, elec
Till Künkler – tb, elec
Isabelle Klemt – vc
Oliver Potratz – b, comp


Date: 18.04.2021
Location: Radialsystem
Promoter: Kosmostage IV
Graphics: Henning Wagenbreth
Kamera: Beat Halberschmidt
Light: Mathilda Kruschel
Recording: Antonio Pulli
Mixing: Beat Halberschmidt

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Honesty Box

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