“berta.berlin have been doing the right thing, and impressively too. They have instigated and facilitated dozens of outstanding concerts”

Matthias Wegner (Deutschlandfunk Kultur) at jazzahead! (DE)

“This is where the multi-layered and up-and-coming scene that the capital city is home to is reflected.”

Berliner Zeitung (DE)

“berta.berlin – the musical grab bag on the internet (…) to fill a gap in the Berlin music industry that has gradually emerged there.”

rbb24 / rbbKultur (DE)

“The thing that makes berta.berlin be especially good at doing this is the way it’s been so carefully and lovingly curated.”

Fête de la musique (DE)

“It presents the most interesting, latest music projects that are currently being developed in the German capital.”

JazzPress (PL)

“Divers and inventive.”

Deutschlandfunk Kultur (DE)

“It’s good we get to listen to things more than once […]. Our ears can be in different places.”


“Outstanding performances on a small scale.”

Tip Berlin (DE)