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Always ahead of the pack: a lot has been said about using the voice as an instrument, but Stine Janvin goes a big step further. She uses her vocal cords like oscillators, her sinuses like echo chambers, turning their vibrations into new and unexpected sounds. Her concept of “fake synthetic music” (this is the title of her latest solo album) is taking apart our obsession with the “authenticity” of sounds – as if there could be such a thing as wrong sounds. Certainly not for Janvin. Her music tells a story of otoacoustics phenomena as well as of a wonderworld full of acoustic mythical creatures. Janvin is making a fool out of everyone who wants to dictate what a singer can be, should be, and is allowed to be.


Stine Janvin – vocals, electronics


Date: 10.12.2020
Location: silent green
Promoter: A l’ARME! Festival
Video Conception & Direction:
Camera: Beat Halberschmidt
Light: Jonas Hinz
Mixing: Beat Halberschmidt
Mastering: Beat Halberschmidt
Audio Recording: Kay Bennet Kruthoff

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